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by Helvetica Lifestyle on Apr 09, 2022


Globally recognised as a brand that seamlessly marries design with technology and invention, Piquadro was founded in 1988 by Marco Palmeiri in Bologna, Italy. Piquadro’s tryst with leather began with the brand serving as a manufacturer for Italy’s leading luxury leather brands before entering foraying into the market with their own flagship store. Today, Piquadro is a celebrated name in business and leisure travel accessories worldwide credited universally as the brand that revolutionised the art of travelling smart.

With a passion for invention and a flair for technology, Palmeiri established himself as a pioneer in the Italian leather industry. The brand’s philosophy revolves around three core values: design, functionality and technological innovation’; it is this philosophy that directs Piquadro’s every creation. Research is key at Piquadro and they’re perhaps the only brand to have a state-of-the-art laboratory where each piece is tried and tested to ensure it upholds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Fashioned with the finest materials and Vegetable dyed Tuscan leather rendering an unparalleled luxurious finish and feel to each piece, Piquadro's products are the epitome of form and function. In fact the brand has to its credit numerous patents for its many innovations in technology and functionality. Piquadro creates an assortment of leather products from wallets to trolley bags and carry-on cases for men and women in seasonal and permanent collections.

With a five decade long tryst with horology and luxury, Helvetica strives to revolutionise the shopping experience by bringing the world’s most exclusive names to the Indian subcontinent. with a presence across Europe, USA and Asia; Helvetica is proud to be associated with Piquadro, a true International icon . With our comprehensive collection and competent assistance, we’ll be happy to guide you through finding the perfect piece to suit your business or travel needs.

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