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The Perfect Bag For The Tech Savvy Individual

by Helvetica Lifestyle on Apr 09, 2022

The Perfect Bag For The Tech Savvy Individual

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it doesn't hurt to be stylish does it? A professional with a 9-5 work life or a “living for the moment” adventurer - style helps everyone make a statement wherever they set foot. It is just for this purpose that Bombata exists! A product from Italy, the fashion capital of the world, comes a range of amazing laptop bags in a multitude of colours to suit your look and personality.

Bombata was started by Fabio Guidoni in Italy in 2009 and expanded to the USA in 2013. Taking cues from his experience of working in fashion and the home decoration industry, Fabio carefully created bags that are fashionable, but more so, functional. Bombata Collection was born from the idea to revisit a product generally considered to be too serious. After many updates, the result is a functional and original case with great value for money.

The Bombata bag is known for its playfulness, style, flair and prestige. The brand continuously tries to update and tweak the design to keep up with an ever changing electronic market to ensure that every Bombata bag is suitable to handle the latest technological upgrade for the “on-the-move” user. Sleek, modern and lightweight is the name of the game for Bombata.

Each laptop bag is designed with a minimum of one compartment to accommodate laptops or tablets, books, documents, headphones, cases or cables without being bulky. Thanks to the rounded shape, and the optimised spaces, the bags are comfortable to carry over the shoulder every day. They have a padded compartment for the laptop that comes with a velcro strap and matching shoulder straps as well. There are also pouches and sleeves for pens/pencils. Not only does it provide the necessary style and substance that you deserve, the bags are also made of Vinyl and silicone handles, guaranteeing durability.

Made using imitation leather, they can suitably carry laptops and tablets. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, they are the perfect accessory for both men and women. Check out the latest collection only at Helvetica Lifestyle for genuine Bombata products. We pride ourselves in having the latest collection for you to choose from. Visit our store today or simply browse through our website: https://www.helveticalifestyle.com


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